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Happiness, like spring rain, sweet and savor

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Happiness, like spring rain, sweet and savory; happiness, like the summer breeze, cool and silky; happiness, like autumn leaves, golden; happiness Cigarette Online, like the winter sun, warm. A flower nostalgia for the enchanting spring, a gust of grass in the green grassland, a bird longing for the blue sky. The mountain thanked the vastness of the earth, and the cloud thanked the vastness of the sky. All of this is like a plant of grass, covering my heart with aroma, I am very happy.I can see all the beautiful things in the world with my eyes. I can listen to the soft sings of nature with my ears: I am happy, because I can touch the delicate petals with my hands, I can use my feet to get close to the thick earth; I am happy because I I can smell the fragrance of the grass with my nose, prove my existence with my breath, I am happy, I am happy, because I can live to feel.I am very happy because I have friends and teachers. Friends are like sunflowers, and I am also a member of them. We are all facing the sun. The teacher is like a piece of flowers, they let the spring breeze spread the fragrance on my heart. Their criticism also makes me a little addicted, but I am not a bird in the rain, but an eagle, I will not give up; their concern is like a white cloud embroidered in the sky Newport Cigarettes Coupons, can not forget Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes, whenever When I look up to the sky, I will see it from time to time; their blame will only be like the dust on the hand, and they will disappear when they use water, because it is not worth it Cigarette Tobacco For Sale.Happiness is a shadow that hides in the gaps in life and feels naughty Marlboro Red 100S. People feel that happiness is out of reach. In fact, as long as we open the door to the heart and feel the heart, we can hear the happy melody and bring the sweet taste.
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