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Now I still like math and like you as alway

Сообщение ylq » 07 сен 2018, 07:49

Now I still like math and like you as always. Every time I go to class, you pout, and every time you think about a problem, I feel so something wrong, don't yell at me. First, because I take everything seriously every time, I have done my best and I am making mistakes. Blame me, second, because the whole class knows that my AQ is very low, I can't stand a little frustration in learning, and a little awkwardness will make me feel uncomfortable. I remember that when I first passed the monthly exam, mathematics only tested 85. I was crying when I was studying in the evening. I went back to the dormitory and cried even more fiercely. Therefore, the teaticle, but it doesn't matter. I just want to express you to you about my love for you. I am grateful to you. Teacher Wang thank you for giving me a little bit of love. . Your love has merged into a small river, let me swim in the small river, I found my There is a thief who does not steal money or steal jewelry Cheap Cigarettes. Someone will ask, then, what is hehim give you more points and seconds. If you see him and learn to cherish and use him well, then it will make your life's voyage unique Cigarette Tobacco For Sale, meaning that belongs only to those who respect him. But if you trample it out in vain, then the spring of your life will slowly dry up with his ween "tick, ticking...", what does that mean? ...he never stops, he is so responsible for his work, so "not to be affectionate." People, learn to cherish it! He will not stop in the footsteps of your future regrets and crying. What you are wasting today is the hope of theing ruthless because he took away our loved ones Wholesale Cigarettes, friends, or a stranger. He continued to walk without a word. People, do you know? He is waiting for your awareness! Because he is always old. Despite his insults, he still insists so much, still so "ruthless!" He is not unhappy, he is actually like a knife! Because this one who died is a child he once caressed!This is the time for the final exams Cigarettes Online. The students are talking about each other. Everyone is doing their own good results, and I am alone at the table because I kthe exam and comforted me. "Don't be sad, you have already finished the test without worrying about the results. The joints are whether you have tested well and don't think about it anymore. Happy." I said thank you, but I am still very worried about my achievements. When I saw that other students were very happy, they knew that they were doing well, and the more they thought, the more unhappy they were. I deeply sighed. Take a breath. Just then, another classmate called me. I thought too seriously but didn't hear any classmate calling me. As a result, my desk listened to me and I said something. He said that the classmate on your left called you. I just looked at the classmate, but he ignored me. Hrd to the look of the teacher. The teacher announced the results. The students didn't seem to want to wait any longer. When the teacher announced my results, the result was a tragedy. I couldn��t think of my score as a total score of 210. At this time, I lived in it. In my mind, a word suddenly appeared in my mind. She said, "If you can��t test well, wait for it to be beaten. I am ready to wait for my mother to beat me. When I returned home, I told my mother how to tell my results Marlboro Red 100S. My mother said that I have tried my bestd say, "If you try your best, my mother won't blame you." When I heard this sentence, my whole heart was calmed down. Mom also said: "Every time you do something, you can do it."
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