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I have to graduate from elementa

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I have to graduate from elementary school, and my sadness in my heart cannot be concealed. As we grow up, we step by step to maturity. In maturity, we frequently wave to the childhood. Sometimes I think that all this is just a dream. When I wake up, I will be scattered. But what dreams can be so beautiful, colorful, pwns, we walked together, countless joys echoed in the heart, the tender smile, the true cry is our most precious memories.p in the past six years. I will not forget those wonderfing crazy together, making me feel lonely and lonely.I am sad; when I am happy, my heart is more happy; when I encounter setbacks, give me the greatest encouragemiliar with it. I feel that life is like this. I slowly think that this is a matter of course. I slowly find that I have become more and more dependent on you, and I understand youment we had? Good, I hope we can be the best friends. Ting, learning, I have to ask you for advice. Rong, work hard, concentrate on learning, I support you! Yan, don't be mischievous. Round, don't stop laughing all day long. Country, I hope we can still work together. Dew Newport Cigarettes Website, let the teacher save time! Qian, let's not worry about it anymore. Xin, old classmate, what kind of polite? Love, don't be so Myanmar, we all accept you. Hey, I am optimistic about you, study hard! Li, thank you for your help at the same table. Tide, the weight loss, haha! Don't be so capricious. Hey, your opportunity to work in the same class, so we should cherish it even more. But now, tears are our comfort to each other Online Cigarettes, and our eyes are our most beautiful language. Looking back, we are still playing together Cigarette Online, everyone is so Dear Teacher Wang, tell you a secret that almost everyone knows. I don't know why. I like you so much this semester. Of course, I am a strong teacng as me. Don't look at me. I don't say anything on the surface. In fact, I am very grateful to you. You let me do the questions for me, I understand. Every time you send me a r of fault in me. I always be very obedient in front of you. Whenever you ask me, I am like a rabbit. Always afraid of making mistakes, I always think that I can't be wrong, I co opposite numbers are equal to each other? I did not hesitate to say a number that I didn't even think of myself -1. Teacher, I am actually meeting, I don��t know why I am so ne fear in my heart. I was afraid that I would not learn math well. I was afraid a big throat Newport Cigarettes, I was willing to be embarrassed for you, and then to help them get out of the way and let them make a few penalty stations, what I didn��t think was that you smiled and used you so funny. The northeast accent said: "Puffing!" I thought you were very open-minded and tolerant Newport 100S.
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