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Fernando Alonso thinks Honda is currently ahead of where Mercedes at the same stage of its own V6 project and remains confident of returning to the front of the grid next season.Honda has clearly made improvements this season and in recent races McLaren been a regular fixture in the Q3 shootout. The Japanese manufacturer has been playing catch-up after joining the V6 turbo in 2015, a year later than Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault.Alonso thinks that a comparison between Hondas current position and Mercedes last year could show the Japanese manufacturer to be ahead.When asked what he was doing to push Honda forward, he joked: Apart from punch them I cannot do anything more! I am trying to push everyone. I am aware of their hard work and I understand that they are doing their best. They are working 24 hours in Sakura, they are bringing all their knowledge from people, but unfortunately in F1 there isnt a magic button you can touch from one day to the other you can reach a certain level.If you can imagine we are in our second year, if you see the power we have, the deployment we have and the reliability we have, I dont think there have been many teams in this position in their second season, maybe Mercedes and we are maybe ahead of Mercedes in the second year. I am impressed with what Honda is doing with the little time they had. The biggest problem was the starting point, we were a bit behind last year.?Alonso also used 2015 to illustrate why McLaren is happy with its current form, saying the troubles he and teammate Jenson Button encountered show just how far it has come in a year.It has changed a lot I think we are definitely moving forward and in the right direction. Last year the project was not mature enough because the power unit was not ready.Everyone remembers here we had 105 positions penalty between Jenson and myself which was a sign we were not ready to compete so we are a little bit behind compared to the other manufacturers, but in terms of organisation and on the chassis-side we are comparable ot the top teams, which is a good sign.Now we are in a situation which is much better than last year that makes us more confident than about next year. Last year we needed to solve many problems, now we need solve just one only, which is easier. Atlanta Falcons Deadrin Senat Jersey ., for the next three years with the signings on Monday of Daryl Townsend and Michael Carter. Falcons Jerseys China . John Tavares, Thomas Vanek and Kyle Okposo were also being counted on to slow down sizzling Rangers forward Rick Nash. That plan didnt go so well early. http://www.cheapjerseysfalcons.us/atlanta-falcons-foyesade-oluokun-jersey/ . "It doesnt get any better than that," Giambi said. "Im speechless." The Indians are roaring toward October. Giambi belted a two-run, pinch-hit homer with two outs in the ninth inning to give Cleveland a shocking 5-4 win over the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday night, keeping the Indians up with the lead pack in the AL wild-card race. Cheap Falcons Jerseys Hoodies . Ouellette, from Montreal, already has three Olympic gold medals since joining the team in 1999. Atlanta Falcons Calvin Ridley Jersey .Y. - Rob Manfred was promoted Monday to Major League Baseballs chief operating officer, which may make him a candidate to succeed Bud Selig as commissioner. Eddie Jones popped in to visit Southampton on Wednesday in the latest of his trips to pick the brains of coaches from other sports. Here we round up what he learned from each fact-finding mission.Jones on the coachesPep Guardiola (Then at Bayern Munich - Now at Manchester City)I went to Bayern Munich and met Pep Guardiola. It was absolutely fascinating. I watched him taking a training session and it made me embarrassed by my coaching -- he was so bloody brilliant.He has got some of the best players in the world -- Franck Ribery, Arjen Robben and Thomas Muller -- and he just worked them so hard.It was -3C and they came off the field dripping with sweat, they had worked that hard. And they play like 45 games a year. That really reinforced for me how much there is in players.Guus Hiddick (Then at Chelsea)I talked with Guus Hiddink about coaching and managing players and it was the best hour Ive spent. Ive always wanted to meet him because I like the work hes done.We had a cameraman when I coached the Wallabies who had worked with the Socceroos and he told me how he operated. He only had the team for 100 days and he turned them around. Then he did that job with South Korea where he took them from nowhere to come fourth in the World Cup.Orica-BikeExchange?(Tour de France)(When asked what he learnt from spending time with Orica-BikeExchange): Those professional riders with Orica, and particularly those Yates boys. They cycled for nine days, then they have a day off, and the players get together, not the coaches, and they say, Right, this is our recovery for tomorrow, were going to cycle for two hours in the mountains.It was horrendous - I got tired sitting in the car. They started in 35 degrees in Spain and they ended up in Andorra in 10 degrees, and its pouring down with rain. They finish that, they have a quick bite to eat, theyre staying in a three-star hotel, its not flash, and they make the decision on what theyre going to do the next day. Thats being professional.Arsene Wenger (Arsenal)I like the way Wengers teams play. He always plays a really positive style of soccer thats skilful, so theere could be a lot to learn.ddddddddddddHes been in the game 20 years, and the average length of tenure is 18 months or even less - so hes 10 or 12 times above the average. I always try to meet people whove got more knowledge than me -- so theres plenty to meet.Danny Kerry (Team GB Hockey)Weve got the hockey guy coming in in a week or so [Danny Kerry]. Look at what hes done with his hockey side. If you look on face value at the talent in that team compared to the Holland team, its probably not as great, so his ability to create such a dynamic and hardworking team is fascinating. Well learn a lot from him.And what they learned from him:Alan Pardew on JonesIts nice to hear it from somebody from a different genre, a different field, who carries the weight he does. Weve been quite close since he came over here and a lot of the views he has on trying to get more from individual players and the group run parallel with my own.Hes the coach of England rugby and involved in World Cups with other nations, a multicultural personality and someone who is engaging. If they cant take on his comments then we are in trouble.Arsene Wenger on JonesWe have some common memories. His mother is Japanese, he worked in Japan and I worked in Japan so we spoke a little bit about Japan. We have had a similar career, he is Australian and I am French and you have to love countries like Japan and England because he worked in both.Carlos Puel on JonesIts interesting to meet him and to discuss together tactics in rugby, theres a similarity with football. He makes progress and improves because rugby and football and other sports develop all the time with the personality of the players.The games are different all the time and it is important to follow other perceptions of the sport. It is natural to accept visitors of different sports, different trainers. It is always interesting to share different ideas of football and other sports.I hope what we discussed will help in the match but we will see. Wholesale Jerseys 2020 Cheap NFL Jerseys Throwback Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Hoodies Wholesale Black NFL Jerseys Discount Jerseys ' ' '
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